Learners’ Enhancement Program

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Project Title:

Learners’ Enhancement Program*

Problem Statement:

79% of learners (54 out of 68) answer incorrectly during recitation in English class.

Project Objective Statement:

95% of learners answer correctly during recitation in English class.

Root Cause:

Learners have limited vocabulary

Project Work Plan and Budget Matrix

Integration of relevant new words in daily lessonIntegrated 5 new words per lessonJune-MarchTeachersnone 
Contextualized Narrative StorytellingAt least 1 local story narrated per dayJune-MarchTeachersPhp1,000MOOE
Use of picture words300 picture words printedMayTeachersPhp 3,000MOOE
Monitoring thru Home Visits33 learners who are at the frustration level visited at homeOctoberTeachers, Project TeamPhp 2,000Canteen Fund
Conduct weekly vocabulary drills 5 vocabulary drills conducted per weekJune-March (weekly)Teachersnone 
Learners keep word diaryWord diary per studentJune – MarchTeachersPhp 1,200PTA donation
Conduct formative assessment monthlyAll learners are assessedJune-March (monthly)Teachersnone 


*Based on TEEP Case Studies entitled Transforming Education on the Ground published by DepEd in 2005